back bent slouching
the curve pushes you down
belly squishing extended
you shrink from life

alone you notice
your posture, your pain
make it go away

you shrink away
from the weight
the responsibility

down into the mist
of uncertain thoughts
will they know the fake?

rarely tested, the back bends
alone it descends
rushing up to meet you
the floor of the cavern
crashes into you

you turn and smile
when someone enters the room


Watching the old woman
Count in a random fashion
13, 14, 4and10, and5, and6…
Lost in a maze of disconnected
Neurons firing into space

She rocks a bit as she recounts
The lost numbers in sequence
Out of sequence
Sequentially lost
She rocks a bit

You remember her quick wit
The way she laughed
Her ability to see
The connections
The order
You cry a tear of pain

That tear runs down your cheek
It follows the rules of gravity
Of physics
Of numbers working sequentially

How those rules snap in the mind
We are only just beginning to understand
We fear the snapping in our own minds
We cry for our loss, for their loss

Time, they say, is independent from space.
Are we bridging the gap between
Our three dimensions and the dimension
Of time, as plaques disrupt the firing
Of neurons into space?

And10, and9, and8, and7…

No posts in a while

I have been writing a collection of poems, thus I haven’t been posting them here to my blog. The collection is a look at spousal abuse in America circa 1970. I hope to publish it as a collection, as I think it will have the most impact together, rather than one at a time. If you are a publisher or an agent and are interested in such a project, please contact me.


I don’t belong on this path
Walking through the parking lot
There is something not quite right
Looking down at the pavement

The grass, the trees, the cars
I’m not in the right place
Disjointed, unconnected
Eyes are telling me
Tell me I don’t belong

This isn’t the only time
It is often this way
Walking, sitting, being
Not, quite, right

Is this my place?
That lawn, those bushes
They are there when I pass
In their place

Because, even when
I know it’s right,
I feel at times out of place
The feeling hits like a wave
Unexpected, an intruder

A Professor Died in Poverty

A professor died in poverty
You might wonder how
That can be
And I wonder with you

You see more than
Half of all professors
Get paid poverty wages
So, it is little wonder
That one dies in poverty

I wonder if god exists
Where a college president makes
Half a million per year
And half his employees
Scrape to pay for heat

All powerful, you say
The wonder of the heavens
How can that be
When not just professors
When so many die
In poverty?

Teacher’s Comment – A Poem

It would seem to me that
In your opinion the
Smart thing to do would
Be to take the easy road:

Write poetry and
Get rich!

To Turn Away (From Politics)

to turn away from politics
is not succumbing to apathy
as some would have you believe

there is more than politics

to turn away from politics
is turning away from
pointing at someone else

they are not your problem

to turn away from politics
is turning away from
the superficial arguments

the superficial blinds them

to turn away from politics
is turning away from
false differences

we are not so different, and

to turn away from politics
is to focus on
our lives, our culture

history is produced by us

to turn away from politics
is to focus on
family and friends, careers

the true work, our lives

This is My Fault

Standing in my PJs
Framed by the doorway
The memory unfolds

Her head hangs
Over the cellar stairs
Her face contorted

Over her stands
The wifebeater
One fist raised
The other clenching
Her shirt

Turns his head
To me

My arms convulse
My face contorts
The tears they course

This is my

The Tractor Trailer

So much happens

A tractor

Covered with road

Pulls up beside

-Based on The Red Wheelbarrow


You have killed another man
You have taken the life of another human being
You have stopped the breath
Of a father
A brother
An uncle
A son

You were just following orders
You were just doing what they tell you to do
You just took out the enemy

How many did you kill?

That man’s only crime
The only thing that that man did wrong
He was evil because

He didn’t want you there
He didn’t want you on his country’s soil
He saw an invader

You would have seen the same thing
He was a soldier.

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