About Me

Derek is an adjunct professor of English at SUNY-Adirondack… for now.  He would love for that to turn into a full time position.  He thinks it’s a great school, and he loves seeing students improve their writing.  He teaches many different freshmen-level classes.

As a writer, Derek is mostly unpublished, hence this blog.  He will be publishing poetry and his ongoing work with his novel, The Eternal Buzz.  If you are a publisher or agent and like what you see here, please contact Derek.

Derek has an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts (SUNY-Adirondack), a Bachelor Degree in English/Philosophy (SUNY Albany), a Master of Arts in English Literature (SUNY Stony Brook), and a Master of Science in Teaching (SUNY Plattsburgh).  He looks forward to furthering his education.

He also loves to shoot astrophotography, or photography of the stars.  If you are interested in using any of these photos, please ask.

And cook… Yeah.  He loves to cook for his family.  And his family… He loves his family… :-)

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