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You have killed another man
You have taken the life of another human being
You have stopped the breath
Of a father
A brother
An uncle
A son

You were just following orders
You were just doing what they tell you to do
You just took out the enemy

How many did you kill?

That man’s only crime
The only thing that that man did wrong
He was evil because

He didn’t want you there
He didn’t want you on his country’s soil
He saw an invader

You would have seen the same thing
He was a soldier.

The Oligarchic Plutocracy has Won

The oligarchic plutocracy has won
They defeated the people
And they will continue to win
Until the proles revolt

There will be bloodshed
Regardless of nonviolent

If they channel Lennon
Blam! They are dead.

If they Channel MLK
Blam! They are dead.

Shit. Even if they channel Jesus
Blam! They are dead.

The oligarchic plutocracy has won.
They can afford the patience
That the people cannot.
Even if the serfs revolt,
They will wait, and win again.

Protest Video from Canada – Casseroles – Montréal, May 24, 2012 on Vimeo

There are many laws in the USA that are deteriorating our freedoms.  Through the National Defense Authorization Act (or NDAA), the U.S. government is incrementally making it illegal to protest.  For example, it is through this law that it is illegal to protest near government officials,  the very people who need to hear the protests regardless of what those protests might be.

In Quebec, Canada, the government passed an “emergency law.”  This law makes it illegal to protest without permission from the government.  People can be fined extraordinary amounts for protesting without government permission.  So,what did Canadians do?  They took to the streets.  It didn’t matter that the protests that caused the laws were perhaps not agreed upon by everyone.  Tens of thousands of people went into the streets to protest the infringement of their rights.  You can see it in the video below.

What do we do in the USA?  Go back to sleep…

Casseroles – Montréal, 24 Mai 2012 on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Casseroles – Montréal, 24 Mai 2012 on Vimeo.

May Day – Occupy Wall Street – Live Video

The Occupy Movement plans many demonstrations for May Day all around the country, and even the world.

As a teacher, I was not able to leave my students and participate in any May Day activities with the Occupy Movement.  Indeed, maybe I should be participating in a general strike; I am exactly why we need a big change in this country.  I am a good teacher.  But, I work only part time as an adjunct at a community college.  While classes in high schools across the country, and in the area I live as well, are growing, teachers are being cut.  Those of us seeking full time employment should be able to find jobs.  Our children’s classrooms are becoming overcrowded.  There is room for more teachers.  Yet, the capitalist society in which we live is failing its citizens.  400 people in this country own more wealth than the bottom 150,000,000 (one hundred and fifty million).  I guess the system is working for those 400 people.  But,what about those 150 millions?  It’s time for a change.

Personally, I am not against capitalism, per se.  I am, however, against how it dramatically benefits a small percentage of the population much much more than it benefits the vast majority of that population.  Unfortunately, while Occupy Wall Street blames big money, and it is right to do so, a large chunk of the blame belongs on the scoundrels and corrupt politicians who are making the rules to benefit those rich elite in Washington, DC.

You can watch a Ustream live video of events in New York City here:


Streaming by Ustream It looks like things are slow as of this time (1:45pm EST).  I hate to say it, but perhaps things will pick up after work.

If things heat up, I will update this post…


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