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To Turn Away (From Politics)

to turn away from politics
is not succumbing to apathy
as some would have you believe

there is more than politics

to turn away from politics
is turning away from
pointing at someone else

they are not your problem

to turn away from politics
is turning away from
the superficial arguments

the superficial blinds them

to turn away from politics
is turning away from
false differences

we are not so different, and

to turn away from politics
is to focus on
our lives, our culture

history is produced by us

to turn away from politics
is to focus on
family and friends, careers

the true work, our lives


You have killed another man
You have taken the life of another human being
You have stopped the breath
Of a father
A brother
An uncle
A son

You were just following orders
You were just doing what they tell you to do
You just took out the enemy

How many did you kill?

That man’s only crime
The only thing that that man did wrong
He was evil because

He didn’t want you there
He didn’t want you on his country’s soil
He saw an invader

You would have seen the same thing
He was a soldier.

The Oligarchic Plutocracy has Won

The oligarchic plutocracy has won
They defeated the people
And they will continue to win
Until the proles revolt

There will be bloodshed
Regardless of nonviolent

If they channel Lennon
Blam! They are dead.

If they Channel MLK
Blam! They are dead.

Shit. Even if they channel Jesus
Blam! They are dead.

The oligarchic plutocracy has won.
They can afford the patience
That the people cannot.
Even if the serfs revolt,
They will wait, and win again.

Mitt Romney: the English Major

“You really don’t want to take out $150,000 loan to go into English because you’re not going to be able to pay it back. You might want to think about something else that meets your interest,” Romney said,remarking that “as an English major I can say this.”  Romney graduated with an English degree from Brigham Young University and later went on to study law at Harvard University.

The rest of this glorious article from ABC NEWS is: here.

Celebrating our “Warrior President” – Glenn Greenwald –

Celebrating our “Warrior President” – Glenn Greenwald –

Glenn Greenwald is one of the most important journalists of our time.  Regardless of what “side” of the fence you are on, he delivers articles with intense insight and thorough documentation.  His comment sections are invariably amongst the biggest in journalism, if not the biggest.

The article linked above speaks to the incredible contradiction in today’s political landscape: President Obama is both a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and one of the most militarily aggressive American leaders in decades.”

As a side note, it sure is interesting how “aggressive” the New York Times is as such a supposedly “liberal rag.”  They routinely are cheerleaders for war.  Recall their participation in the lead up to the Iraq War.

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