Plagiarism – The Poetry Project

This is a project that I call Plagiarism for a number of reasons. It is not plagiarism! However, what I am doing here is using another poem as my model for writing a poem. I keep the structure as close as possible to the original. I may even use a phrase or two from the original. This is a teaching-moment project. Indeed, there are many teaching moments built into this work. I hope you enjoy them.

My inspiration for this work was a seminar that I went to in the fall of 2011.  The man running the seminar is a veteran high school English teacher and author from Los Angeles, CA.  His name is Kelly Gallagher.  You can find his website here:  The talk was inspiring, to say the least.  He is a passionate man with a lot to give.  He was basing this seminar on his book Write Like This.  Read the title literally, like a helpful suggestion: write like this!  During the talk, we practiced modelling our writing on somebody’s writing, usually someone famous.  It got me thinking, and led me to the idea of this project.

The poems are each below under Related Posts:

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